Hyflux NANO-1 Filtration System

Hyflux NANO-1 Filtration System
Price: $588.00
Ex Tax: $588.00
Add-on Option Comes with 1-pc of drinking faucet
Applications Blocks Sediment and Suspended solids; Remove bacteria Effective in reducing chorine Retains beneficial minerals Improves Taste and removes odour
Material Revolutionary 3-in-1 filtration system in the market
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 9 (Dia) x 31 (H) cm
Country of Origin Made in Taiwan

~ Integrated with Nanofibre Technology

  •   1st Layer - Silver Impregnated Mesh to trap sediments and suspended solids
  •   2nd Layer - Activated Carbon Block (NSF rated) to reduce chlorine, contaminants, bad tastes and odour
  •   3rd Layer -  Nanofibre Membrane to block bacteria, inorganic and organic contaminants

Enjoy 3-layers of filtration within a single piece of cartridge!



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