Clover Water Dispenser SD5CH

Product Details
  • Established brand/model
  • Made in Korea.
  • Fitted with Korean LG compressor for long lasting usage.
  • Counter Top Hot & Cold Water Dispenser.
  • Price includes delivery, installation and GST.
  • The dispenser comes with a standard Hy-Q Aqua 4-stage filters – namely Sediment filter, Pre-Carbon, Post Carbon and Silver Carbon.
  • However, there are options to upgrade to other premium filtration systems at an small fee.a


Clover model

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Made in Korea. Fitted with LG compressor. Table top Hot and Cold water dispenser. Direct-piped in and drainless type.
Durable textured polycarbonate casings for ease of cleaning and superior resistance to UV light. Hugh Tank capacity: Cold tank – 14.3 lit; Hot tank = 1.8 lit
Dimensions – 31 (D) x 31 (W) x 63 (H) cm Cold Temp – 4 to 10 deg C; Hot Temp – 85 to 90 deg C
Power Consumption 505 W (Hot), 105W (Cold) Separate ON/OFF button for Hot Water
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 63 cm
Filter Options

DFS 08 4-Stage Sediment/Ultra Filtration (UF)/Pre-Carbon/Post-Carbon in-Line Filters, DFS 09 4-Stage Sediment/Pre-Carbon/Alkaline/Silver Carbon In-Line Filters

Additional Information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 31 (D)  x 31 (W) x 63 (H) cm

Package Content

• 1 x Clover SD5CH
• 1 set of 4-stage Sediment/Pre-Carbon/Post-Carbon/Silver Carbon In-Line Filters
• 3m length of PE 6mm tubing
• Operational Manual
• 1 pc of Removable Water Tray

Download Brochure and Specifications

Click here to download the brochure and specifications


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